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For those who want academic excellence and character development
We aim to develop the whole individual integrating academic and life skills to enable our students to excel in an increasingly competitive world and to be effective members and leaders in their communities. Our approach for character development recognizes that values, life skills and subject related skills need to be used concurrently, in order to become part of the internal make up of students to the point that they can apply them in different situations and scenarios in life.


Values that we aim to develop are respect, honesty, empathy, fairness, caring, responsibility for self and others, citizenship, cultural identity, openness to other cultures and rationalization. Life skills include critical thinking and decision making, interpersonal communication, managing self and healthy relationships, maintaining a healthy life style, cooperation and team work.


All the subjects deal with character and life skill development but specifically, Health and Career Planning, Social Studies and Islamic Education highlight these areas. Our teaching methods are instrumental and the overall school environment provides the required role model.

For those who want fluency in Arabic and English

HUBS is for those who want to have fluency in their mother language as well as English—the language that will enable them to communicate globally. English learning is guided by the learning outcomes of the English Language Arts subject of our Canadian curriculum. All subjects of this curriculum are taught in English; namely: Science, Math, Social Studies, Health and Life Planning, Fine Arts and Physical Education. Arabic follows the curriculum of the Ministry of Education. Arabic is the language of instruction in the Islamic Education and the subjects are enriched with supplementary materials and innovative teaching methods.

For those who want a caring environment and qualified educators

HUBS is a community of qualified and dedicated teachers and educators. We make use of the best of education theories, teaching practices and experience to make sure our students are stimulated and supported in a caring environment that protects and nurtures their bodies, minds and souls.

For those who want purpose-developed assessment tools

HUBS follows the assessment tools used in the British Columbia program we are implementing. Formative assessment enables us to monitor student learning and address the specific areas where students may need extra support. Standardized summative assessment takes place throughout the school year. This process of benchmarking will enable us to measure the achievement of HUBS objectives and plan the development of our school for the benefit of your children.

For those who want the best of learning resources and currency of instruction

Your child will be taught using the best materials, textbooks and learning resources, from leading education publishers. Our teachers will receive continuous training to ensure they remain knowledgeable of most current educational practices.

For those who want the benefits of extracurricular activities

At HUBS children will enjoy and develop through extracurricular activities. Such activities are integrated with in-class learning and aim at expanding learning and fun beyond the classroom or school boundaries. Children will grow socially, psychologically, physically and intellectually through activities they choose from the wide range offered after the school day.

For those who want to be partners in their children’s education

Your child will reap the benefits of our well-defined system of communicating with and engaging parents, including scheduled and upon-request parent-teacher conferences, newsletters, and weekly plans sent with the students as well as report cards. Parents are encouraged to be involved in developing plans to assist students to maximize their school education experience.



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