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Dr Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi

A school teacher; a psychology professor; an educator, parenting and family counselor; the first Secretary General of Kuwait Supreme Council of Education; the founder of several leading private schools and the CEO of a prominent school company in Kuwait; and a frequent speaker at regional conferences and satellite TV programs; Dr Ibrahim Al-Khulaifi has certainly acted upon his passion for education, working his way from the school level to the very organizations influencing schooling and education in Kuwait and the Middle East.


His career pursuits in the public and private sectors provided him with firsthand experience in the micro and the macro issues involved in developing modern schools. Hayat Universal Bilingual Schools are the culmination of this experience and the institutions through which Dr Al-Khulaifi aspires to add value in the education field.


Dr Al-Khulaifi is a certified counselor from the Family Therapy Institute and the Reality Therapy Institute in the United States. He received his M.A. from Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. from Ohio State University. He is the author of several books on Educational Psychology.


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