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Welcome to Qatar’s own Hayat Universal School (HUBS). To our new students and parents, we are pleased that you have joined our community of learners. To our returning students and parents, we are very happy to greet your return. We have high expectations for the future of your children’s education and the success of HUBS.


HUBS schools offer PreKG-12 education. After the successful start of HUBS (Kuwait) in September 2007, HUBS (Qatar) started in September 2009 with PreKG, KG1, KG2 and grades 1-3. Since then the school has been adding a grade every year with the movement of our students into higher grades. This year, 2018-2019, the school is offering up to grade 12 and we will be celebrating the graduation of first cohort.


HUBS Qatar is an international school with a bilingual (English and Arabic) curriculum. We are a British Columbia Certified Offshore School. We function as a part of the Canada, British Columbia (BC) Ministry of Education Global Education Program and as a member of the network of international schools that implement the world-class BC program. Our BC Program teachers are predominantly Canadian citizens and are all licensed educators who hold Teacher Certificate of Qualification by the Canada, British Columbia Ministry of Education, with a few teachers who hold BC subject restricted certification or teaching authorization.


The BC Ministry of Education thoroughly inspects our school to continue to grant us certification. Among areas that the inspectors look into are the BC program instructional plans, teaching methods, instructional time, student assessment and reporting, admission system, student support services, safety and supervision, school policies, integrity of promotion and marketing, student and staff records, teacher and principal certification and hiring practices, learning and support resources, facilities and school meeting Qatari regulations.


HUBS implements the Creative Curriculum in the Early Years Program, PreKG and KG1, and the BC curriculum in KG2 – Grade 12. Every HUBS student registered in G1 and higher grades is a BC Ministry of Education student and has a unique number with the Ministry. A HUBS graduating student receives the internationally recognized Canada British Columbia High School Graduation Certificate (the Dogwood Diploma). This graduating certificate is issued from the British Columbia Ministry of Education. It provides opportunity for the graduating student to attend the finest post-secondary education institutions all over the world.


Our Arabic program starts from PreKG and, as of KG2, implements the Qatar National curriculum for Arabic Language, Islamic Education and Qatar History. Quran is also one of the subjects of the Arabic program until Grade 4.


The learning objectives of both the English British Columbia program and the Qatar Ministry of Education National program ensure that our students develop their academic skills as well as their character. Our well-trained, licensed and caring team of teachers will ensure your child is stimulated to take an active role in learning and is continuously supported to succeed.


We continue to grow and improve and have engaged in Self-Study within the frameworks of Qatar National School Accreditation (QNSA) and CIS. We have achieved QNSA accreditation in April 2017, CIS Membership in June 2017 and Candidacy for CIS Accreditation In June 2018. We are working on the CIS Team Evaluation this year.


At the beginning of 2017-2018 HUBS moved to its new campus in Al-Thumaid. The state of the art building houses the facilities required to deliver our programs and engage our students in meaningful learning and co/extracurricular activities.


We thank you all for entrusting us with your child’s education and look forward to another year of collaborating with you for her/his success.




Principal Fred Thorsell and the Administration Team

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